AKC Sable German Shepherd Puppies Sable Female Potty Trained to use a doggy door will deliver North ID Western MT Eastern Wa OFA Excellent DM Clear Search and rescue dog

AKC American Kennel Club Sable German Shepherd Puppys Sable Female Potty Trained to use a doggy door we will deliver for a small fee within 200 miles of Post Falls ID OFA OFEL DM Clear Heart tested by ofa Sire is an active search rescue dog

we deliver to north idaho eastern wa western montana with a non refundable dwposit. if you decide for sure you want a pup we can send you a ton of pics of her. if you want a cheaper dog we also offer the $850 with limited testing the kind of dogs you get from a backyard breeder health wise without the being raised ouside. we also have health tested that are not kids of an import for $995 if you dom not want a sable we have black and tan black and red and bi color pups we are accepting deposits on. these we offer delivery at $1.00 a mile.

Normally 2,000 Plus they are getting big so time to ge we have discounted up to $800 off for disabled retired police fire and low income with proof. these are working line dogs sable the color of max in the movie max their hair is really cool it changes 2 colors on the same hair it's like people pay the salon for. Sire os OFA wich is a company called the orthapedic foundation animals and they do testing to help better the breed. Most breeders do not do testing and when they do with a good amount of dogs they do not pass. this females sire literally got an excellent rating the best you can get and very rare to get in a german shepherd. there are 4 ratings excellent good fair and fail with a few degrees of fail. we have been breeding for around 10 years now and still have not seen a dog with excellent on a gsd. The reason the sirehas excellent as he was imported directly from europe. in europe unlike the usa papers actually mean something. if your dog cannot pass ofa testing it cannot be registered. this gets rid of the bad gene pools over time they keep getting better in europe. a lot of people are not educated when they buy a pup I wasen't  my first time. I could not understand why 1 dog was 6,000 and another 600 we got the cheaper dog twice. the first time it was a rottweiller and she died from parvo 3 to 5 days after we got her. the next dog got dm where they loose loss of their back legs. theres nothing worse than loosing your best friend too early. with science today there are ways to help prevent these aweful things, yes you pay a little more upfront but in the end you have the chance of getting a dog with less health problems and lets face it when you loose your best friend its horrible. why not pay a little more get a dog that has proven good health and save the money in vet bills later and get a much stronger healthier dog. we also breed and raise our pups indoors tell they have had shots and time to work. we then spray our yard down with bleach water mix to kill any chance of having parvo on the ground. our pups are handled daily when raised in the home so you get a pup that is much more trusting of people. when you get an import dog they were meant to work se learn so much easier than the american dogs. literally 5 commands and these pups have learned. anyway if you would like to get a great pup email us at collectablescorner@frontier.com or call / text if no answer to 509-720-0564 for a dog thats dm clear 100% as both parents are has a mic between excellent and good hips and is very athletic smart and loving. contact melissa at ps shepherds to come get your pup or schedule a drop off if your within 200 miles. thanks we are in post falls idaho

sire vancouver provacito dirce import stud dog from europe
dam emma amara schacht her father came from kraftwerk k9 where dogs are 6,000 and up

AKC American Kennel Club Sable German Shepherd Puppies Sable Female Potty Trained to use a doggy door we will deliver within 200 miles of Post Falls ID OFA OFEL DM Clear Sire is an active search rescue dog

possible delivery to spokane wa airway heights wa post falls id hayden idaho rathdrum id sandpoint id missoula mt montana butte mt montana western mt montana north idaho eastern wa and more


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