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Beware Idaho ID Drivers if you are in Wa Washington state their police officer J Welton of Spokane Valley PD is a Racist profiler against Handicapped Idaho Drivers and tickets them over Wa Drivers he goes out of his way. Stay out of this corrupt state if you can Beware before you get profiled too

Hello, fellow Idahoans Idaho Residents. I am a handicapped middle-aged driver and was in Spokane Valley Wa Washington where I will never return to this corrupt state unless I absolutely have to. I have literally received two tickets in my life for speeding both by unmarked Washington State Police Officers in undercover cars. Whats the odds of so many years and 2 tickets both in a state I do not live in???  They are racist bastards their police who pulled me over and it needs to stop.  I wish to warn you before they ruin your day too.  I was driving eastbound on Mission ave where there is a ridiculously unsafe low-speed limit of 25 miles per hour on the main thoroughfare road 2 lanes each way where I was pulled over right on the side of the road by a rite aid store. When u drive that speed their drivers ride up on you. I was handicapped by a car accident for life and it is scary having people drive up on you.  I was driving this unsafe speed where I think the police put up the speed li…