M2 machines Canadian Exclusive VW Volkswagen Beetle Pre order Available Beginning Now

Please preorder alone to expedite shipping once released shipping is free and it avoids confusion M2 machines ATC The Toy Shop Exclusive 1/492 pcs VW Bug Beetle red and white 1956 Volkswagen Bug Pre Sale. These are done for a walk in toy store in Calgary Canada and will feature the Canadian Flag On the acrylic case. we will have a very limited amount available for the usa of 1/492's for Preorder at a price of $29.95 includes free usa Shipping if you pre order. if you wait tell release they will be $29.95 or more if not sold out before release. 1 lucky person who pre orders will receive 1 1/108 chase in place of the regular at Random if they pre order otherwise Chase and Super Chase are all going to Canada if there are any left when released then we get second chance besides the 1 1/108 chase guaranteed to those who preorder. we only have a very very limited amount at this time for pre order. If you are in canada stop by and see Aaron at the toy shop in Calgary to pre order please note he is only pre selling to walk ins before release so please do not call as he will not ship outside Canada before release. there will also be an exclusive chase and super chase only available in canada thru ATC Toy Shop. once released we will get you details on how to order the chase and super chase if interested subject to prior canada Sellout First as he is only offering them to walk ins as pre order first. We were able to get a couple regulars and 1 chase now and will have to wait to see if he sells out for additional chase and super chase once released.



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