M2 Machines 1957 57 Chevy Bel Air Smokin Hot Pink with Black Flames Pink Tires 1/108 Chase Mahalo 2017 Fundraiser and Event car

1 of up to 12 released before the 2017 Maui fest!!! Mahalo Fundraiser 1957 Chevy
Listing up to 12 Early as fundraisers

This is M2 machines Autothentics promotion Hot Pink with Black Flames And Pink Tires 1957 57 Chevy Chevrolet Bel Air Red With Black Double Flames 1:64 Scale Diecast  they are Limited to only 108 pcs. This Version will be an event car for the 2017 Maui fest and no more than 12 pcs will be released before the 2017 Maui fest it has a Mahalo 2017 Maui fest Sticker on the rear of car. Last time we did 1 with the bus and took a lot of heat so we are doing up to 12 this time but to be fair they will go up at buy it now or auction at completley random times so nobody will know. If you see it you better buy it because next time it might not be there! please do not email us asking when we will list another to be fair we cannot let you know. This first will go to auction the rest will be at buy it now or auction at completely random times. Rarer than most current chase at 500 pcs this is 1/108 produced this is a car you won't want to miss the collectables corner exclusive double flames job. every one of these we have made has sold out and we have had to repurchase just to have.