AKC Registered German Shepherd Puppies Ready To Go Now 2 Females female puppy First time outside ready to go Spokane Wa Eastern Washington North Idaho western Montana

First Time Outside the home and they are enjoying sunbathing. Only 2 females Left best friends great temperaments ready to go. For More Info Call or Text 509-720-0564 to pick up your new best friend now before they are gone!!!


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German Shepherd Puppies Working Lines East German German Hungary USA and czechoslovakia Bloodlines with Straight Backs $250 Down puts you in line for choice of your puppy GSD
Post Falls Id Spokane Wa Coeur D Alene Id Idaho Hayden ID Northwest Seattle Tri Cities Moses Lake Washington Idaho Montana Missoula Butte MT Area
Sire Jack the ripper XXXIII Back And Tan with red highlights Police Bloodlines
Prices are $950 for Females. We offer an Active Police, Active Military, Senior 67 years of age and up and those who are fully disabled with documented proof at our discretion of up to 10% off and cannot be combined with any other specials or Discounts etc and must be mentioned before down payment and agreed upon price and verified with current Proof of said discounts.

If you have purchased a puppy from us before and refer a friend or family member and they mention it before buying we offer a $50 referral to the person who refereed you upon verification.Please share with your friends and family how great the puppy you received from us is and we will reward you for your referral that is the best way you can thank us for giving you such a wonderful dog is word of mouth thank you!
Ps Shepherds is proudly Run by Melissa Smith and Family Members including her 3 Children and 5 german Shepherd dogs and Puppies from time to time. PS Shepherds Family Of Breeders is one of the most deicated family of breeders ever. We spend tons of time with puppies from birth socialising them with kids other dogs and Raise them Indoors do not throw them outside like 90% of breeders do. When you get a dog raised from birth indoors and after ten weeks slowly introduced on very nice days outdoors. you will notice a huge difference from someone who lets the mother do all the work and throws them outside like most people do the second they can treating them like a wild animal you will get a wild animal. With Our Pups you get a loving caring member of the family. We are picky about who pups go to and reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone. Puppy Puppies Male female $850 And Up Due Late December 2014.  We will under no circumstances let a puppy leave before 8 weeks and recommend 10 weeks. This is one of the most important parts of their life and then need proper socialization with people dogs and children before going to their new home. We provide that better than any breeder in our opinion and is the reason you will want to choose PS Shepherds as your breeder of choice. To speak with Melissa more or questions about upcoming or available Litters Please email her at toxicangelnac@yahoo.com or Call 509-720-0564 
your GSD puppy will begin being pad trained from birth.
it will be very well socialized as well with 3 Children and 5 Adult Shepherds.
We have had many of our Pups go on to become service animals.
All Puppies will be vacinated to the time you pick them up current 
We offer a 48 hour Vet Check Guarantee to be sure your dog is healthy and if you find a problem you may return your dog within 48 hours for a full refund with a letter from a licenced vetrenarian stating your dog is unhealthy. 
If you buy from someone who raises your dog outside the differnce will be definitley noticable. We have 5 German Shephereds and out of the 5 one was raised indoors. She will let you cuddle her is submissive listens and is not agressive yet protective Naturaly. The dogs from kennels where they were raised outdoors their entire life will tend to not have as much trust. they will not cuddle with you for more than a few minutes. they will not be as obedient they will try and be the boss / Alpha. they will tend to be anxious and more likely aggressive when you do not want them to be. They will not get along with other animals as well. I can assure you the difference is tremendous between the two and well worth having a breeder who spends the time and money to train your puppy right from the beginning as this important part of a puppy's life can only be done once and affects its trust the rest of its life without a doubt.  all puppies will come with AKC Registration Papers. I again cannot stress how many breeders will say how good their dogs are but the true test is a breeder who keeps their dogs inside as a family member not someone who throws them outside like an animal from birth. I realise they are animals but to us they are Family and we treat our dogs as such so you will recieve a puppy that is rased like a human and a Dog, not Just like a dog like almost every other breeder we have met does. We can offer you references to how great our puppies are and their temperaments vs the breeders who put their dogs outside the second they can and forget about them. You will not regret the extra money you spend to get a puppy who trusts you 100% vs the alternative as mentioned above you will not receive from us a breeder who throws their dogs outside and lets the mother do all the work. When you go look at puppies notice how many breeders keep their dogs outdoors or in their garage instead of in their home with them like family Member should be. 

Parents Detailed Info Below
Mother Emma Amara Schacht
Champion Bloodlines including Mothers Father comes from Kraftwerk K9 the Number 1 German Shepherd Breeder in america according to ABC news these dogs are 4,000.00 plus minimum
her bloodlines include world famous 
3X WUSV Rabauke vom Braunschweiger Wappen
And Father Ruger Vom Kraftwerk from the above mentioned world class breeder acording to abc new
German Czech Dark Colors Dam All Black Rare Recessive gene. Emma is definitley a working line and it shows in her Strength. She is the most athletic out of all the dogs from PS Shepherds. very intelegent and eager to please. would make an excelent companion best friend and could also be easily trained for working a service dog. they are also the most intelegent the geramns and Czech breed their dogs like cattle and only keep the strong. you can definitley tell emma is part of this breeding it shows.

Sire Jack The Ripper Has Police Bloodlines from the Sheriffs department in North Idaho OFEL Certified thru OFA Jack is the Mellow one. Out of all of our dogs he is the most easy going. Gets along with everyone very, very friendly (once he gets to know you) beautiful Black And Tan with alot of Red Highlights. He is our Gentle Giant. He has German East German Hungary Romania and Usa Bloodlines
Includes world famous Bloodlines 
this is a link to the German Shepherd Database which Shows how excelent the bloodlines are click link then enter in exactly as spelled or if link does not work google german shepherd database then copy and paste both parents names to see the excelent bloodlines of both parents and pictures of their ancestors along with titles etc