Greenlight Smokey And The Bandit 1 1977 77 Trans Am TA Black Set 1 dirty raced with confederate flag on front licence plate 1 clean without flag it from greatest hits 1:64 Scale Promo Exclusive

Greenlight 1:64 Scale Bundle of 2 1:64 Scale Smokey And the Bandit Variants. the greatest hits is different from the release 1 hollywood it does not have the flag on it so you would not be buying duplicates if you already have the hollywood 1 version. Smokey And The Bandit 1977 77 Black And dirty Black Raced Chase version Trans Am's. 1 will be a Hollywood Greatest Hits Smokey Release A 1977 Trans Am Black. The other will be a Super Limited Edition 1 of only 2016 Produced worldwide individually serialized dirty version collectables corner 1 exclusive piece. the set will include 1 of each version 2 total cars. The dirty version actually has a couple things different than the clean. The rims are different, And the dirty has the flag on licence and the amount of dirt is different on each car some are dirtier than others every one is unique.