PS Shepherds AKC Registered German Shepherd Male Puppies 6 weeks Old Black/Tan Black/Red Idaho Washington Montana Oregon Utah Post Falls Maya Jack

PS Shepherds AKC Registered German Shepherd Male Puppies 6 weeks Old Black/Tan Black/Red 4 Males Available Black And Tan / Black And Red Post Falls Idaho Area Close to Washington Montana Oregon Utah  Maya Alexis Schacht Dam Heres the GSD Database link to her ancestors. Her fathers Dad was from Germany and both her parents have ofa ofel certification. she is almost 2 and will be going in for testing as soon as she turns 2 click the blue squares and it will go further back with pedegree. Maya was raised indoors and half is very german the other very american. she is the mellowest and one of the smartest of all our shepherds. link below

Maya is the one that is black and red on the left side.

Sire is Jack the Ripper XXXIII he has police bloodlines on his mothers side and was sent to have ofa certification done and passed his ofel. Jack is everyones favorite classic Black And tan with strong red highlights as he ages. he is very beautiful

Jack The ripper Image

heres a link to Jacks Lineage click the blue square numbers to see further back

Puppies are $850 each we are located in post falls Idaho. poics are at just over 6 weeks old. $250 deposit holds puppy of your choice

for more questions call 509-720-0564 or call or text 509-720-0564 or 208-625-0699 or email

to see some of jacks puppies you can also send us a freind request on facebook to

send a note that you are interested in puppies. we keep in contact with as many of our babies as possible so you can get plenty of references

Puppies from Jack and Maya they look like they will be black and Red / Tan They Lighten up as they age

     More puppy Images it was not nice enough to take outside so we just snapped some indoors. if you see one you like and we get a nice day we can try to get you images better theres 4 males left


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