were you treated unfairly by mutual Of enumclaw insurance in an auto accident not your fault not treated fairly automobile accident no help with your medical bills lost wages offered lo ball cheated by attorneys and your own doctors automobile rear ended in car or truck forced to get an attorney

Hello I am looking for others who have had the same or similar problem we did and maybe we can all get together and stop insurance copaniies from taking advantage of us. If you were in a car accident where you were not at fault and

Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance did not treat you fairly

 refused to even pay your medical bills lost wages pain and suffering medicing costs to fix your car the way it was before the accident or treated you unfairly then made you take them to court to get your bills paid and u lost in court because they have unlimited resources please let us know. since no one person or attorney can compete with giant insurance companies with unlimited funds please respond to this blog with your story and long term contact information. I think the insurance companies have taken advantage of us too long. we need to stand together and fight back as a group. we cannot do it alone but if insurance companies have done this to a large group of people I do not know that is the case and am not trying to talk bad about any company just wondering if i was just unlucky or this is happening to everyone why we are asking and we can show a pattern of not paying medical bills lost wages prescription drug costs damage to repair your car to the true value their customers cause we may be able to get them fines huge so the next time they think about their choice of practices they face being fined or class action sued would be my dream and the money given to future victims so they do not go thru the hell they put some people thru they may think twice before treating people unfair. I am not talking about paying you a million bucks or anything but they should have to pay our medical bills and lost income without having to take it to court if iit was not your fault. lets face it no matter what you loose at court the attorneys are the only winners. you should not have to go to court if you are in a car accident and are not at fault. you should have your medical bills and lost wages paid in a timely manner without delay stress or hasstle. please share your story if you were in an accident and the insurance company called

Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance treated you like a criminal for neing rear ended or hit. you did not ask to get hit did you

  and the person who hit you had mutual of enumclaw insurance and they did not treat you firly please share your story google plus this ad so more people see it and leave a contact info/email in comment as it may take time to find enough people who have been taken over the coals. lets all join hands and stop these companys from cheating us. we are forced by law to pay insurance all our lives then when something bad happens they do not even want to pay our medical bills. nobody regulates them to make them. its so wrong my life was completly ruined due to a car accident not my fault and in the end i owe thousands of dollars and because i did not accept the companys offer of less than my medical bills i was forced to go to court. at court they had 2 good atttoerneys against my 1. if you had a bad experience with mutual of enumclaw please share lets share with the world was too please comment on the blog with contact info and if this is happening to more than just me lets work together to stop these giants from taking advantage of us maybe we can get a class action attorney to take the case and get them fines so they do not ruin anyone elses lives like they ruined ors and i would be happy. t hank you