M2 machines Castline Bootlegger Series 1968 Ford Mustang Cobra - Super Jet fastback Raw Gloss Black Hood Stripe Super Chase 1 of 250 Worldwide Produced 1:64 Scale In Acrylic Display Case

Product Description

This item will be shipped free to the USA if ordered alone as it comes in stock to M2 Machines we called in a special favor to have the Many cases we purcased for the store opened to verify the contents by a friend.  We know some of our cases ordered for the store we will be receiving this ultra rare super limited Raw Mustang Bootlegger super chase car. It will ship as soon as our case arrives we estimate late august early september with the upcomming holiday there may be a slight delay. we are a distributor so we get our cases as one of the first but it ships by truck so could be within a week of the first one seen but will be sent out early. we will ship as soon as item is received but this is technically a pre order that has been verified. as soon as we get ours in we will ship your super chase out. Item will be pulled fresh from the master case and shipped so a good chance condition will be pristine as this one will never hit a store shelf. if you order with other items internationaly we will hold your order unless instructed otherwise. as to the time sensitve nature of chase cars we do not know if this will sell for $400 or $200 we guessed conservativley but nobody knows for sure. for this reason there will be no returns for any reason on this item we will however send insured to guarantee it arrive safely to you. 
SUPER CHASE CAR:  1968 Ford Mustang Cobra -Jet  The fastback Mustang is Raw with a Gloss Black Hood Stripe.
                                                                                              The interior is Black bucket seats & console.
                                                                                              The engine is the 428 Cobra-Jet. The rolling stock is Black chrome 5-spoke rims with red line tires.
                                                                                              The Lunati Bootlegger logo is on the doors in Gloss black.

                                                                                                         Since this is a Super Chase Car the body is RAW
                                                                                                           The Bumpers & Rims are now Black Chrome.
                                                                                                                              Good Luck!!      
                                                                                                          "LIMITED PRODUCTION WORLD WIDE"
                                                                                                                               "250 Pieces."