Transformers Generations War for Cybertron: Kingdom Deluxe WFC-K41 Autobot Road Rage live for pre order now at target release date October 3rd 2021



  • DISCOVER KINGDOM: Worlds collide when the Maximals and Predacons join the fight, coming together with the Autobots and Decepticons in an epic battle that will alter their destiny forever
  • BEASTIFY THE BATTLEFIELD: Unleash the primal power of the beasts with the ancient and highly advanced F.O.S.S.I.L. technology. Sentient Fossilizer bots, infused with primordial energy, break apart and weaponize their allies. Use Deluxe Fossilizer figures to beastify this Autobot Road Rage figure with epic bone armor! (Each sold separately, subject to availability.)
  • G1-INSPIRED ALT MODE: This G1-inspired Autobot Road Rage toy converts from robot mode to sportscar mode in 21 steps. Converts from sportscar mode to flying car mode in 8 steps
  • AWESOME ACCESSORIES: Comes with blaster and missile launcher accessory that attaches behind figure’s shoulders in robot mode. Blaster and missile launcher accessories combine to form triple-barrel blaster accessory that attaches to the figure in flying car mode!


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