Car accident corruption in Idaho if you were in an auto accident be ready to be cheated even when it is not your fault. do not trust your doctors your physical therapists or lawyers they are all out to screw you

Just wanted to give a expreirnce of an accident i was in in north idaho to hopefully help spare you the misery i went thru. first the state of idaho lies to the jury and tells them there is no insurance. the jury believes you are suing the people who hit you. insurance paid off the courts to instruct the jury that there is no insurance you are suing the people who hit you not the insurance company.  second the doctors get rich literally. my pt got paid around 3,000 to go to court against me and lie. he was all nice for around 50 visits + then a week before he quit seing me because he could no longer bill my insurance and could not fix me he made up a story lying. he got paid almost 3,000 dollars for 3 hours in court for this ling abd story he made up changimng what i tol him. next my psychologist. they are supposed to keep whayou say in trust. she geot paid arund 6,000.00 to go to court and lie as well stating negative opinions not facts. last the attoneys, the good ones tell you to go to doctors do everything your toold i trusted them and did. a week before the two week deadline tomfile suit i was fired by my attorneys leaving no time to find a new attorney. all it cost me was hundreds of thousands in credit card debt. at time of last offer before court mediacl was around 35k not including loosing my business my dignity and health for the rest of my life. i lost my memort my bacl always hurts i cannot think and my neck hurts theres lots more thats ljust the basics I was rear ended 100% not my fault keep in mind. I ended up in the end owing the people who hit me money. they hires 2 attorneys against my 1. paid off my doctors. the insurance is the most coorupt industry oout there. your insurance will not pay out anything except medial so the waning i have for all is please please be sure to add medical to your auto insurance in the most you possibly can afford. the rest is a big sham. they pay you way less than your cars worth. the judge was retired and too incompetent to even understand what my specialist doctor was saying in court, bottom loine lost everything now in huge debt before accident was living with money in the bank. dont get hit in idaho you will get royalt screwed and be sure as the only thingh e that will cover you is medical on your own policy. uninsured motorists is a sham underinshured is a sham your own company will only pay medical and the other does not have to pay a penny. if you dont take there offer for less than your medical bills you have to pay them money. hope you read this before you get screwed too. thanks i will pray that others see this and take our advise before you loose your lide like i lost mine. one day i was healthy and had a great future. the next disabled lost everything for stopping at a stop light. theres no justice in the insurance world beware all.