Greenlight Black Bandit Series 10 Triple Black 2011 11 Honda Civic Si I-VTEC DOHC 1:64 Scale Diecast Limited Edition 27750 C Model

Product Description

Greenlight Black Bandit Series 10 2011 11 Honda Civic Si  I-VTEC DOHC
Black bandit Collection
First Introduced in 2004, The mastermind behind this great Idea was Art Levesque
The Greenlight Collectibles Black Bandit Collection Has Expanded into a Multi Faceted, Versatile die cast replica vehicle program with offerings in 1:18 1:24 and 1:64 Scale.
Each black Bandit Vehicle Die Cast Replica is meticulously produced with the same triple black theme Black Body Paint Interior detail and Custom Black Wheels. These Triple black characteristics have distinguished the black bandit collection from all other Greenlight Programs and continue to build on the outlaw Vehicle Reputation.
look for Black Bandits in Chase Variations as well these seem to hold the highest resale out of all the Greenlight releases Consistently and are always sought after. Get your set Black bandit now before they are GONE!!!!! 


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