Greenlight Dads Garage Series 2 1:64 72 1972 Chevy Truck Bundle of 2 1:64 Scale Dads Garage Limiteds Tool Box And Camper Shell Flame Red And White two Tone Set of 2

Greenlight Dads garage Flame red Bundle Of 2 PCS total 1 with a tool box 1 with a Small Camper Shell Canopy 1972 72 Chevy Chevrolet C-10 Pickup Truck set 1:64 Scale die cast Model Limited to Approximate 1200 pcs of each version this is the tool box and Camper Shell version in Gorgeous Stock Flame Red Color and White Two tone this is a series of Dads Garage R2  to commemorate the memories of of growing up and the awesome rides dad had in his garage as a boy. 


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